The Library at the Gowanus Studio Space is a physical library and a web-based digital platform that collects, maps, links, preserves and reengages the visual inspirations of artists, writers, musicians, architects, film makers and designers.

The Library wants to rethink library organization by shifting the emphasis from static, object-oriented models to a dynamic, process-oriented approach: rather than taking the objective properties of finished works as the meaningful criteria for categorizing and associating them, The Library hopes to map their (inter)connections by focusing on the ways in which they influenced the artists that created them.

The Library will look to specific artist-curators ("Contributing Artists") to explain the primary sources that influenced them, and in this way gradually, organically construct a web of evergrowing sources and a map of their shared artistic history. Thus, The Library will not impose a pre-conceived organizational model on the sources, but rather hopes to discern the ways in which these works are already interconnected. Analogous to exploration of the "science of inspiration" is the end goal of the use and appropriation of the images ourselves.

Construction is currently underway. Join our mailing list and watch our progress as we piece together physical shelves and digital platform.

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